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Our Belief


With our help and 21st Century methods & tools ALL companies can generate: profitable, sustainable and predictable growth.


More on Design

Design in the classic sense is critical in today’s digital marketing world but having a “system design” that produces the appropriate KPI’s is paramount. At Cold Fusion, we have experts in all forms of design. So, if you need some help with website design, graphic design or inbound system design…. We are here to help.

Our Process


The best talent, collaborating in the best environment, with the best tools, working within a framework – that generates measurable results.

design. build. grow.


More on build

Now that you have all the designs it’s time to make them real and that is where the builders come in. At Cold Fusion, we have some of the best website and inbound system builders on the planet. The goal: take the results from the design phase and turn them into something that can be live tested to gather data and compare that to the KPI’s.

Our Services



Website Development and Hosting

Social Media

Marketing Automation

Technology Consulting

CRM Automation


More on grow

Now that the designs are built and tested, it’s time to SCALE! This is where Cold Fusion can really accelerate your business. Adjusting content and optimizing for the best KPI’s possible. What’s that equate to? Growing your business in a manner that is:

Predictable, Scalable and Profitable.

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About Us

We are a collection of proven experts who believe in helping small and medium business, by transferring our knowledge. We do this in order to level the playing field and help them grow in a predictable, sustainable and profitable manor. This concept, while seemingly not attainable, is.



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