Bring on the Nerd Herd.

So you want to learn about what a KPI is? Well, digital marketing has become a techo-nerd arena. Why? Simple. The process for generating new customers on-line is a combination of creativity and Information Technology. Don’t believe us? Continue reading.

Back in the day, marketing was all about coming up with slick taglines, logos and images for billboards, commercials…etc. Even in the infancy of digital marketing these types of tactics worked on Facebook and Google ads. We also want to point out (before we get attacked by those “creatives”) that this is STILL important today. However, in our view, using solid inbound tactics could be – more important. Yes, you must have the regular marketing “rails” up guide you, but by-in-large the Digital Marketing world has been infiltrated by people like us…. NERDS. What happens when you mix a nerd with a creative? This guy does. – Read on.

Know this Dude?

Want us to prove it?

Here is a simple example. This dude… you know him? He really looks like a black turtleneck type, right. I mean Steve Jobs… eat your heart out bro…

No way. This guy is a nerd… at six-foot, eight-inches – a rather large nerd, but nerd none the less. His name is Brad Parscale and today, he runs the #2020Trump campaign. Not only is he a nerd, but he is an immense data driven nerd. We saw him on a news program the other day talking about things like data and percentages… (shocking)

He basically was telling the host on TV that if a person shows up to a Trump rally and gives them their phone number, they are like 96.6% likely to vote. If someone donates $1 (which means they have to fill out a form) they were like 98.4% likely to vote. Why, his answer was “once your engaged, once we have your DATA, we can talk with you”

The video footage is right here.

What? This guy get’s it. He’s throwing out KPI’s – off the cuff – like candy. Think he knows the DATA? If I was him I’d ask, how do we get people to give us $1?

It’s Inbound marketing 101 and what we do at Cold Fusion Studios. Want to learn more about our process, click here.

We’re not asking you to run for President, but know your DATA, generate solid KPI’s, measure them and garner insights from them, and you too can rule the known universe.

Lesson: Know your DATA, build solid KPI’s and measure them continually. Once you have this part down, work on improving them. This is where your insights come from.

Orange Man Cometh. 

In 2016 – The fact that PARSCALE knew in advance that the “orange man” was going to win, before the election took place is downright amazing. No one thought Trump was going to win…. Except the DATA. It knew Trump was going to be victorious. Wonder what the KPI’s were back then?

Come-on… Everyone saw the ads and stuff, (no offence to the big “DJT”) but look what he had to work with, spray tan and some serious weird hair… is that real hair, how about the hat?

We’re curious, but we digress.

What the HECK does KPI stand for?

Simple. Take a NERD – put them into a creative environment and eventually they take over and start making acronyms so they can “NERD” faster. KPI stands for:

(K)ey (P)erformance (I)ndicator

These are the things that need to be measured, so the DATA can give you insights into your customers, potential customers…whatever you want. PERIOD FULL STOP. Now you know what a KPI is!

Like Trump knowing he won the election before it took place. We have many more examples of this, so stop by our place. (We’re virtual) and check us out. We’re focused on the growth of our clientele using a process that has your DATA at the root of it. If you get a chance check out our Design Phase – It’s where we would be “figuring out” what your KPI’s should be.

Oh Yeah… if Brad wants to chat – We’re in!

Keep it Cold!
-Dr. Freeze

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